Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Extreme gallery makeover

omg- flipping nuts. And Mark does this for every single show- it's mind boggling. I started the day pretty much needing to breathe into a paper bag (see the before photo). The walls were in place, but everything needed to be sanded, painted, and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned before I could bring any work in to lay out the show. So I panicked. I got to work painting, keeping my panic on the inside (except for explaining anxiety dreams to Mark or telling Neysa- our Director- when she asked how panicky I was). So we all sat down, talked through how it's do-able to restructure the gallery during every install at Glass Curtain (this is something I do not do at the other galleries). And, proceeded during the day with lots of help from the super freelancers Michael and Chelsea as well as the super work aides Nick, Greg and Kyle to go from picture A (big old mess) to picture B (clean gallery with work laid out ready to install tomorrow).

Mark has a cold and got the brunt of the worst job today- sanding drywall mud. While he was working on that, the gallery looked like there was a fog machine on (hence the dust masks and Greg's fancy shoe covers). It's probably a supreme health hazard- aside from the fact that it produces so much dust that takes so long to settle, that it took all of us a good couple hours to de-dust the gallery afterward. And Mark and his team do this for every single show- did I mention this? I find it admirable, but f-that!

Which is my way of saying thank you to everyone who helped today :)

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