Thursday, October 30, 2008

half full or half empty?

Remember the panic mode from a few days ago? Totally justified. Today seemed to progress slow as molasses. I spent the entire day painting in the names of the artists, which, at the end of the day look like vinyl anyway (which would've been 2 hours work vs 10). I was yelled at by a security guard, talked to 2 classes (I try so hard to get over my fear of public speaking!) At about 7pm after feeling discouraged about the names not looking painted, I decided to paint a nice happy yellow around the statement on the title wall. As is, it looks like a crappy dried out highlighter pen went over it. I'm either fixing that tomorrow or adding orange to the subtitle and dates to try to de-crappify it. Just a boat load of negativity today and I left asking myself why the H I'm going through all this trouble for... (?)

And, I have my own illustration work waiting to be drawn as well as my robot suit for the Halloween party I hope I still make it to waiting to have the lighting system (i.e. control panel) installed.

I miss my life and feel really discouraged tonight. There's still 1/2 a show to hang, all of the shelves for the printed materials, and- oh yeah, the entire student show in the back of the space. This is why I panicked Tuesday. Grrrrrr....

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