Thursday, October 9, 2008

Shipping and Receiving

Hello, and welcome to my documentation of the Paint for Print Exhibition. I didn't want to bog my personal blog down with nothing but exhibition updates (or conversely bore exhibit readers with my own work and dramas). So, TA DA! Here you go, all of the updates about the show and process of putting it together shall be chronicled here for your reading pleasure.

This image is "look within" by Robert MacKenzie. The designer in our Creative department selected it for the postcard which I was very happy for. For one, I LOVE it, I remember it being in the CommArts annual a few years ago and it (along with the rest of the series) stopping me in my tracks as I paged through the magazine. The other reason that I'm glad someone else did the selecting, is that I have 47 favorite images from the show (i.e. all of them), so I would've had a really hard time selecting!

Today we are exactly 4 weeks away from the opening reception which artist John Hendrix will be attending (very excited to meet him). Today is also the day that I brave rush hour traffic to pick up artist Penelope Dullaghan from the airport. I'm excited to meet her, as I've loosely followed her blog and Illustration Friday posts and she seems like a swell gal (in addition to a great illustrator).

I need to run to the mailroom and pick up Gérard DuBois' work, there was a mix up in shipping and I want to have it tucked away safe and sound in my office and let him know that the work safely made the trip. So rather than going into all of the details about the work that's already here and how much I love it, I shall just post the official blurb about the show in case you're finding yourself here and don't know what it is that I'm talking about w/ the show.

thanks for reading, hope to see you at the show soon!

Paint for Print:
Contemporary Illustration, Traditional Media

November 3 – December 19, 2008
Reception: Thursday, November 6, 5-8 pm

Paint for Print is an exhibition of some of today’s leading professional illustrators who work in painting mediums. In our digitized culture with its proliferation of vector images and photo illustrations, the work in Paint for Print is a
reflection of the emotive quality present in hand-painted artwork.

The featured artists are at the forefront of the recent
resurgence in the popularity of illustration in visual
communications. Their work has appeared in every major design and illustration review including Communication Arts, HOW, The Society of Illustrators, and the book series Illustration Now.

Paint For Print features original illustrations by Ofra Amit, Shino Arihara, Gérard DuBois, Penelope Dullaghan, John Hendrix, Sterling Hundley, Aaron Jasinski, Robert MacKenzie, Joe Morse and Gina Triplett.


Sterling Hundley said...


Thanks for setting this all up. Rob's image looks great on the postcard!

I'll link this blog to my site.


s. said...

Thanks for linking up! And it's SO my pleasure to do the show and all the related stuff!