Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Me and my big ideas

So back in January or whenever this show got approved- I decided to have huge stencils made in vinyl of all of the artists names to help delineate whose work is whose, and also to jazz up the white walls (I'm not a real fan of colored gallery walls- pretty much the only viewpoint of mine that could be construed as "conservative".

Anyway- that was a great idea then. Now that it's time to do it, it just looks like a pile of problems (is this blog turning into a place for me to whine about how much work this is?) There's the bleed factor (paint seeping under the stencil), we have to measure out all the work, figure out where the left edge is, and then install the rta ("ready to apply"- an acronym for the vinyl text), paint the names in, dry them, peel them off, install the work. But, it should look cool.

Tonight I did the test on the title- it worked great. I may change my color scheme for the show now though. It occurred to me on the way home (long after I painted on the walls of course) that I should've used orange. The identity of the show- created by Robert in Creative and Print in the school- is orange based. But then the title would be orange and the rta below it black- which is so Halloween, so maybe this is better. BUT maybe the names should all be orange instead of the 10 different colors that I've bought to do them in.

Whatevs. That's for tomorrow. For tonight is a glass of wine and a shower to wash away the drywall dust and paint in my hair.

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ron said...

End result looks great; the orange was a good choice. I can't help wondering...if vinyl was used for the stencil, why not just use the vinyl letteringinstead of painting?